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Street elevation photos were taken in 2004/2005.

Block Address Ranges:

1800 (Even): Larimer Street

1200 (Even): 19th Street

1800 (Odd): Lawrence Street

1200 (Odd): 18th Street


Parking Lots / Vacant:

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1800 Larimer St (day)

On the half block facing Larimer:

Name: 1800 Larimer

Type: Office

Square Footage: 500,000 SF

Description: A 22-story office high rise with structured parking.

Cost: $150 million

Developer: Westfield Development

Architect: RNL Design

Current status: Construction started May 2008 with completion anticipated in 2010.

Xcel Energy has leased approximately 70% of the new building for their Denver offices. The building will also be LEED Platinum certified.

The Larimer Street elevation photo and the aerial photo both show the low-scale building that occupied the Larimer side of the block prior to its demolition in late 2007 in preparation for 1800 Larimer.

Project website:

On the corner of 18th and Lawrence:

Name: Cable Railway Hotel

Type: Hotel

Number of Rooms: ~200

Description: A 17-story hotel built atop of the historic Denver Tramway Cable Building.  The Tramway building was built in 1889 to house the operations of the Denver City Cable Railway Company. The Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant may still remain.

Cost: Unknown

Developer: Central Development LLC

Architect: Buchanan Yonushewski Group

Current Status: In review with the city's Landmark Preservation Committee. 

The project envisions "popping the top" on the alley side of the historic building for the new tower. The remainder of the historic building would be incorporated into the project as the hotel lobby and ground-floor retail.

Construction timeline is unknown.



1800 Larimer St (evening)


1800 Larimer St (lobby)


Future construction photo


Rendering Credits:

1-3. RNL Design


Rendering Credits:

1. Buchanan Yonushewski Group

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