Block 109

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Street elevation photos were taken in 2004/2005.

Block Address Ranges:

1700 (Even): Curtis Street

900 (Even): 18th Street

1700 (Odd): Champa Street

900 (Odd): 17th Street


Parking Lots / Vacant:
0% (after infill)

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Plans & Renderings

Infill Developments

Infill Developments

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Residence Inn

At the corner of 18th and Champa:

Name: Residence Inn by Marriott

Type: Hotel

Number of Rooms: 228

Description: A 14-story hotel with ground floor retail and underground parking.

Cost: $44 million

Developer: Sage Hospitality

Architect: Newman, Cavender & Doane

Current status: Construction completed in March 2006.

For photos of the Residence Inn under construction, please visit the Special Feature: Residence Inn Time Lapse Photos

On the half block facing Curtis:

Name: 999 17th Street

Type: Mixed Use

Description: A two tower complex consisting of the following elements:
Building Base: Two levels underground parking; ground-floor lobbies and retail; levels 2 - 7 structured parking.
17th Street Tower: Two level health club; 15 floors of 300,000 SF office space.
18th Street Tower: 11 floors containing approximately 220 hotel rooms; 13 floors of residential condominiums.

Cost: Unknown

Developer: Shea Properties

Architect: Davis Partnership Architects

Current Status: In review with the city. Construction timeframe unknown

The 17th Street tower will have a total of 24 floors; the 18th Street tower 31 floors. Both towers contain mechanical penthouses and/or fascia to bring each tower to a total height of approximately 390 feet.



999 17th Street
17th Street side day)


999 17th Street
17th Street side night)


999 17th Street
18th Street side


999 17th Street


Rendering Credits:

1. Newman, Cavender & Doane
2-5. Davis Partnership Architects

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