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Block Address Ranges:

100 (Even): W. 13th Avenue

1200 (Odd): Broadway

100 (Odd): W. 12th Avenue

1200 (Even): Acoma Street Plaza


Parking Lots / Vacant:

Percent of Block: 0% (after infill)

W. 13th




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W. 12th


Street Plaza


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Museum Residences

Name: Civic Center Cultural Complex Parking Garage, The Museum Residences, Denver Art Museum Administrative Offices

Description: A 5-level parking structure with 971 spaces wrapped on the west and south by 56 for-sale condominiums, and at the southeast corner and along the east by a 100-room boutique hotel and an additional 32 condominium units in a 17-story tower.

Developer: City & County of Denver, in co-development with Corporex Colorado and Mile High Development

Architect: Daniel Libeskind in association with Davis Partnership Architects

Current status: Construction of the parking garage completed in 2003. The Museum Residences Phase 1 to be completed in 2006.  Museum Residences Phase 2 (tower) and hotel will follow, starting in early 2007.

This block, once complete, will be one of the most dynamic and architecturally interesting blocks in the city.  Across Acoma Plaza from the Denver Art Museum's new Frederick C. Hamilton Building also designed by Daniel Libeskind (see Block 044-E), this development will raise the bar for new projects along Broadway and throughout the Civic Center area and the Golden Triangle neighborhood.  The only side of the parking garage not wrapped by associated development is the north side.  This location was reserved as a future expansion site for the Denver Public Library, which sits across W. 13th Avenue.


Progress Nov. 2005


Museum Residences



Civic Center Cultural Complex Site Plan Model



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