Block 015

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Street elevation photos were taken in 2004/2005.

Block Address Ranges:

1600 (Even): Wynkoop Street

1600 (Even): 17th Street

1600 (Odd): Wazee Street

1600 (Odd): 16th Street Mall


Parking Lots / Vacant:

Percent of Block: 15%

Block Locator:







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None proposed at this time.

Only a small surface parking lot remains undeveloped on this block, one of Lower Downtown's finest, but it is located at a very prominent corner.  The vacant lot is at 16th and Wazee and represents one of the highest profile development sites in Lower Downtown. It is an excellent site for a mixed-use development that would anchor the corner and, with appropriate ground-floor commercial, add to the pedestrian activity along this part of the Mall.  The 17th Street side of this block features an outstanding collection of historic buildings including the venerable Oxford Hotel.








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