Block 017

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Street elevation photos were taken in 2004/2005.

Block Address Ranges:

1400 (Even): Wynkoop St.

1600 (Even): 15th Street

1400 (Odd): Wazee St.

1600 (Odd): Cherry Creek


Parking Lots / Vacant:

Percent of Block: 25%

Block Locator:







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None proposed at this time. 

In 1999, just before this site's baseline year of 2000, the Wazee Wire Works Lofts project was completed on this block near the corner of Wazee and 15th Street next to the Wazee Supper Club.  A great infill project, the Wazee Wire Works Lofts features 17 units. It was developed by Distinctive Systems, Ltd. and designed by BlueSky Studio Architects, and cost $6 million.

Much like its neighbor, Block 012 to the north, this block contains excellent buildings along all but the Cherry Creek side of the block.  In this case, the site constraints are a bit tighter, but these remaining parcels together would make a great site for a smaller-scale project overlooking the creek.

Wazee Wire Works








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