Block 020

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Street elevation photos were taken in 2004/2005.

Block Address Ranges:

1600 (Even): Wazee Street

1500 (Even): 17th Street

1600 (Odd): Blake Street

1500 (Odd): 16th Street Mall


Parking Lots / Vacant:

Percent of Block: 30%

Block Locator:







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None proposed at this time. 

This block did receive a big dose of infill in 1999 when the Millennium Financial Center project was completed at the corner of Wazee and 17th Street.  The new building consists of a 6-story, 145,000 SF office building with underground parking.  The project architect was Parkhill-Ivins, PC and the contractor was Haselden Construction, Inc.  The project cost approximately $25 million.

This block has two remaining undeveloped blocks: a small lot at the corner of the 16th Street Mall and Wazee next to the Jet Hotel and a larger lot along Blake Street.  The development of the lot next to the hotel would probably best take place as an expansion of the hotel itself.  The site along Blake would make for a great residential mixed-use project; particularly given the predominance of office uses on this block.








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