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Block Address Ranges:

1900 (Even): Welton Street

500 (Even): 20th Street

100 (Odd): E. 20th Avenue


Parking Lots / Vacant:

Percent of Block: 100% (now)

0% (after infill)





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E. 20th


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One Lincoln Park rendering

Name: One Lincoln Park

Developer: Osborn Development Corp.

Architect: Buchanan Yonushewski Group LLC

Type: Multi-family For-sale Residential

Number of Units: 184

Description: A 31-story condominium building containing one level of underground parking, five levels of above-ground parking, and ground-floor retail.  One Lincoln Park is the first building of a multi-building project that at full buildout may include over 1,000 residential units and 150,000 SF of office space in several more towers.

Current status: Construction expected to begin early 2006.


This odd-shaped block is perhaps not the first block one might expect to be the cornerstone for a multi-tower high-rise urban village, but here it is... the One Lincoln Park proposal.  Yet the site definitely has its advantages.  It is literally across the street from the 20th & Welton Light Rail station, and immediately adjacent to the office towers of Denver's Central Business District.  One can only wonder why it took this long for someone to realize the potential for this underutilized part of Downtown. 



One Lincoln Park rendering



One Lincoln Park photo simulation



Rendering Credits:

1-3. Buchanan Yonushewski Group LLC



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