Blocks 244 & 267

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Street elevation photos were taken in 2004/2005.

Block Address Ranges:

1500 (Even): Cleveland Place

100 (Even): 16th Street Mall

1600 (Odd): Broadway

100 (Odd): W. Colfax Avenue


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16th Street


W. Colfax



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DNA Building

Name: Denver Newspaper Agency Building

Type: Office

Square Footage: 318,400

Description: A 11-story office building with 667 underground parking spaces, ground floor retail and an auditorium.

Cost: $85 million

Developer: Denver Newspaper Agency

Architect: Newman, Cavender & Doane

Contractor: Hensel Phelps Construction

Current status: Project completed Fall, 2006.

The parking lot on Block 244 ranked way up there on everyone's "worst place to have an ugly parking lot" list.  Across the street from the Pioneer Fountain memorial (on tiny Block 267), RTD's Civic Center Station, and Civic Center Park, the surface lot there was as an asphalt wasteland at the crossroads of Downtown. Thankfully, the new DNA building filled the gap and serves as a much-needed link between the park and the high-rises of Downtown.  The building is set back 25 feet along Colfax for a landscaped lawn that mirrors MacIntosh Plaza next door in front of the Webb Municipal Office Building.  The new DNA Building's presence finally gives some respect to the Pioneer Fountain, which for years has been a forgotten island surrounded by pavement and motor vehicles.

DNA Building


DNA Building

DNA Building


DNA Building

DNA Building


Rendering Credits:

1-3. Newman, Cavender & Doane

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