Our last Downtown Denver Crane Censuswas on Labor Day 2007, about five months ago. At that time, we had 10 tower cranes in Downtown at 9 different project sites. Projects that dropped from our list since the last census are 816 Acoma (which had 2 cranes) and RiverClay.Since then we’ve gained 7 new cranes at 5 new project sites, giving us a total of 14 tower cranes at 12 different sites in Downtown Denver. Here they are in no particular order:

1900 16th Street:

1515 Wynkoop:

Four Seasons:

1200 Elati:

One Lincoln Park:


1755 Blake:

Zi Lofts:

Denver Justice Center:

1400 Wewatta:


2101 Market:

Here are a couple of bonus photos. View down Blake Street with, from front to back, SugarCube, 1755 Blake, and Zi Lofts:

View of the LoDo/CPV with, from left to right, 1400 Wewatta, 1900 Sixteenth, and 1515 Wynkoop:

I’ll do the next Downtown Denver Crane Census in another five months—July—just before the Democratic National Convention. Have we peaked or can we do even better in July?