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The other day I talked about how Downtown Denver is getting a Bike-sharing program, starting this summer. Here’s some more good news on the Downtown bicycle front that I’m passing along from Bicycle Colorado:

Adult Commuter Education Pilot Program Seeks Downtown Participants
To meet the growing need for adult bicycle education and interest in bicycle commuting, Bicycle Colorado – a statewide bike advocacy organization located in Downtown Denver – has developed a curriculum and pilot program for adult Bicycle Commuter Services (BCS). BCS is designed to partner with employers who are interested in encouraging healthier and happier employees through bicycling. Currently, Bicycle Colorado is seeking two to three employers interested in participating in the pilot program in spring 2009.

The Opportunity
For interested organizations/businesses, this is a great opportunity to sign up and receive Bicycle Colorado’s in-depth bike commuter consultation, education and coaching for a greatly reduced rate. In addition, the organizations or businesses that are chosen to serve as the pilots will be promoted and endorsed as the example organizations that provide best practices for the program into the future.

Program Components
Below are some examples of program components that Bicycle Colorado offers:

Employer survey and consultation:
– Assessment of current bicycling facilities
and policies
– Recommendations for improvement

Employee Education or “brown bag lunches”:
– Commuting 101 targeted toward first time commuters
– Basic bicycle repair and maintenance
– Choosing a route including current commuters as mentors
– Confident cycling skills (both classroom lesson and on-bicycle lesson)

Encouragement Program Creation:
– Development and execution of a company-wide encouragement program
– Program materials, consultation, and support

Opportunity for co-branded press releases, newsletter articles and other media exposure

Based on the needs of the company, the interests of the employees and the results of the initial employer survey, BCS programs will be customized for each client.

Sign Up Now
If you are interested in participating as one of the reduced rate pilot organizations/businesses, please contact Maggie Thompson, Bicycle Colorado Assistant Director, at: or 303-417-1544 x-15.

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  1. AJ February 9, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    There is a great article on the Washington D.C. bike sharing program at FLYP: Urban Spin with an interview with one of the developers of the program.

  2. Anonymous February 10, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    I think the Spire will be having one just for their building…they have some great things that will be unvailed in the next couple weeks!

  3. Alison February 26, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    As a bicycle commuter myself, I am very excited about this bicycle pilot program. The question that I have is- how much bicycle education is included in driver education/driver test in order to get your drivers license. It is really great that bicyclist will be getting an education on what they need to know- And I think that most will already know how to drive and the laws, the rights and wrongs with driving. But I get very concerned that drivers for the most part know hardly anything about the laws, the rights and wrongs of vehicles that they share the roads with- bicycles.

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