Good news in the Central Platte Valley. It looks like the long-awaited 18th Street Pedestrian Bridge is under construction.

For the past several weeks, utility work has been taking place within the 18th Street right-of-way in advance of work on the bridge itself. While that effort appears to be continuing, I noticed today what looks like a concrete form or something that is going vertical, which I assume is for the bridge itself. Here’s a pic:

There’s also a new sign on the Riverfront Park side of the tracks about the new bridge too.

What’s the bridge going to look like? Here’s one image from my blog on this topic from May 2007. I’m not sure if this is still the latest design, but it’s probably pretty close:

I’ll update this post if I get newer images of the bridge.

Construction on the first component of the big Union Station project–relocation of the light rail station to along the CML at the end of 17th Street–is still supposed to begin soon, as in May or June.