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Denver B-cycle

Bike sharing is finally coming to Denver!  Thanks to the successful bike-sharing program during the DNC, Denver is launching B-cycle this spring, with 50 stations around the city and most of those in the Downtown area. For all the details, please check out this site and this one too which has a great map with all the B-cycle locations.

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  1. Caleb says:

    So excited for this! Another alternative to driving in this great city!

  2. Eduardo says:

    It’s about freakin time!

  3. BeyondDC says:

    This is such an efficient, inexpensive way to move people. Compared to the cost of road or transit projects, it’s practically free.

    Good on Denver for being out in front on this one. 10 years from now every large city in the country will have this.

  4. Rob says:

    The idea is great, and hopefully a lot of people will take advantage of this. But the usage fees on top of the membership fees seem to get a little confusing, and can get pricey, especially if you go on a longer ride of 2+ hrs. Not sure this will always be a cheaper option than taking a cab or public transportation. But I suppose the idea is to encourage short rides so bikes are always returned to the stations.

  5. BeyondDC says:

    Short rides is the idea. These bikes don’t come with portable locks; the idea is you ride a bike from one station to another, then dock it and log out. The overwhelming majority of trips shouldn’t incur any additional usage fee.

    Basically, you only get the additional fee if you’re using the system for something it’s not designed for.