1099 Osage Update #3

Since my last post in May, we found out that the South Lincoln Redevelopment gained funding and 1099 Osage is one of many buildings in that development.

The tower crane has been taken down and the building is starting to take form quickly.


Compared to what this project looked like back in May, it is no longer just a shell. Siding and windows are now being installed.


Looking down Osage Street this building has quite the street presence with more of similar size to come in this area.


Just across the intersection on 11th and Osage Street, there are plans to build a community pool. Crews were busy getting that underway.


The South Lincoln Redevelopment has acquired $22 million from HUD and there will be continued coverage of this area on DenverInfill. Here is once again the rendering for the entire site:


As you can see 1099 Osage is only a small portion of this entire development but a great start to this entire project.

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  1. Interzen June 28, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Actually the pool is replacing what was one of the city’s oldest pools and is part of the the Lincoln Park Rec Center. I’m glad the city didn’t turn this rec center over to the boy’s and girls club to run, as was proposed before the neighborhood protested. With the area’s coming surge in density this rec center and Lincoln park itself are due some attention and improvements.

    Living three blocks away, I have been watching the evolution and implementation of South Lincoln Park with great interest. Combined with 13th street and Osage improvements and the possible future plans to build Auraria campus sports fields south west of that intersection this area is really starting to come together.

  2. Interzen June 28, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    I forgot to add that now we just need to get the rail crossings on 13th grade separated so that the neighborhood doesn’t have to wake up to 5 minute long train horn blasts in the wee hours of the summer nights.

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