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1099 Osage Update #4

In the past couple months not much has changed externally on this project but the facade is beginning to go up.

Here’s a first glance taken on the corner of 11th Avenue and Osage Street.

There’s a nice glass wall connecting what looks like two parts of the building.

Here’s an overall view of the project with the new facade.

I like the wall this building creates. The roads end at the tracks right behind this building.

Now that school is back in session I will be down by Auraria more often. Hopefully in the next few days we will be taking a look at the projects going on around there.


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  1. toast2042 says:

    Very pretty, is there retail space on the first floor? Seems a perfect place for it…

  2. UrbanZen says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize this building was so big. Nice. We just need to make sure this area doesn’t turn into Denver’s Cabrini-Green.

  3. frank says:

    This neighborhood has been public housing since after the World War II, what’s up with the Cabrini-Green comment?

    • UrbanZen says:

      Yea, but up to now it’s all been low profile, 1-2 story buildings. This building is more along the scale of what they were doing in the Chicago projects after the war.