After another tour inside the construction site yesterday, I have some detailed photos and videos for you. The following are close-up glimpses of the project and an advance peek at upcoming events.

If you would like to see the first test run of a train into the new LRT Station at Union Station, you need to be on the Millennium Bridge at 6:00 P.M. today (Wednesday, August 10, 2011). The electrical systems will be turned on, and a train will roll in. The official start of light rail train service is Monday, August 15, 20911 at about 7:00 A.M.

Here are some close-up still shots. Richard, a DenverInfill visitor, took the first photo on Sunday. I took the others on Monday.





Brennan, the last photo above partially answers your question about signage. Notice the “W Jeffco-Golden Line” on the new sign. Furthermore, RTD expects to upgrade signs at other stations well in advance of the opening of new lines.

To my eye, the Chestnut Pavilion and the vent tubes are attractive additions. Richard also contributed the photo on the left.



The skylights are a nice touch above and below ground. I took both of the following photos on Monday afternoon. The one on the right is obviously from inside the bus station.



I don’t pretend to be aware of advances in tool technology, but the following photo shows a very effective tool. Using suction and a hydraulic hoist, the tool is lifting that 800 pound slab of granite into place in the 16th Street sidewalk. This thing is in the lead for the coveted “2011 Rick Anstey Cool Tool of the Year Award.”


Thank you to Jerry Nery, RTD’s DUS Project Manager, for yesterday’s tour inside the construction fence. As a result of the generous donation of his time, this is a banner week for Union Station project junkies. So far, I’ve uploaded 44 photos to our Denver Union Station page at Several of the photos are from inside the bus station, including the mechanical rooms. My thanks to Richard for the nine photos that he took from the Millennium Bridge.