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Infill Project to Spruce Up Governors’ Park

By Derek Berardi

For those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to drive through Governors’ Park lately, you may not have noticed that a new apartment project is underway. Within the past few months, Forum Real Estate Group has moved ahead with preparations for development on a vacant site at 6th Avenue and Logan Street. After fencing was raised around the site and signage was placed to market the new venture, the first signs of progress are visible. They appear to be preparing the grounds to begin construction of The Logan, a five-story boutique apartment building.


As Rory Seeber pointed out in a story covering the development in Life on Capitol Hill, the $9.9 million development will include 57 units and will include an underground parking structure to accommodate 51 parking spaces. Especially exciting about this project is not only that it will infill a vacant lot, but it is also one of the first developments the neighborhood has seen in two decades.

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According to the marketing website for The Logan, completion is expected by Summer 2012. For more information regarding leasing or additional information, check out

For further details, see the following links:


Derek Berardi is a resident in Downtown Denver. He graduated in 2009 from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning/Design. Derek has worked with Calthorpe Associates in Berkeley, CA, Perkins Eastman in New York City, and has worked for several government municipalities. At DenverInfill, Derek’s writing will cover the topics of infill and adaptive reuse.

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  1. Chad says:

    Can you call it a vacant lot if there was a row of old townhomes on the site that were torn down in 2006? Just curious.

    • Bill says:

      Once the “improvements” on the land are torn off, it’s value is that of a vacant lot. And of course, not everything old is worth saving. I remember that block, it wasn’t spectacular.

    • Derek says:

      I realize that somebody took the wrecking ball historic buildings that graced that plot a while back. However, I think if the lot was sitting there for nearly six years, it could be considered vacant now. Even if it was vacant for a year, the neighborhood’s character and sense of place would still be impacted by that much underutilized space on an arterial street. Also, the project responsible for demolishing those buildings was a completely different concept which fell through. I suppose redeveloping the site would serve justice to the situation.

  2. Great to see activity and to see that we will be kept informed by a Cincy grad. Welcome to Denver, Derek.

  3. tal says:

    What a shame that this is what we get to replace the beautiful building that stood on this lot before they shredded it to the ground. Too bad they could not have rehabed the wonderful 3 story historic apt. building that used to be there.

  4. Joe says:

    It’s good that this will ‘densify’ the neighborhood and city more, and that there seems to be little pushback from the neighbors (a la Highlands controversy) about its height. Part of me (as living 3 blocks away, near 5th and Penn. St.), though, wishes those very old row homes along there could’ve been saved and renovated. No one saw them because they were too busy driving fast down the 1-way 6th Ave.

  5. Dan says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been wondering about that parcel.

  6. KyleZ says:

    I think it’s funny their site brands them 6&L, but they show a shot of 7&G on their homepage. Still, happy to see something go in there. I’m at 7th and Logan, so will get to see this progress.

  7. Frank says:

    There are also plans for an apartment and 8th and Emerson Street! And there has been nominal development in the past two decades if you count the 90s condo project on 8th and Clarkson and the Quality Hill Townhomes at 9th and Washington.

    Here is a write up for the project on 8th and Emerson.

  8. svc says:

    Are there plans for ground floor retail? I hope so considering the visibility on 6th and proximity to other commercial/offices. I miss the old TownHomes, they should have been rehabed.