It has been a few months since I have done an update on this project. It is now up to the 9th floor and some of the distinct features are starting to show.

This project is going up very quickly as you can see. Not much work minus the concrete shell has been done on the back side quite yet but that is sure to change within the next few weeks. As a refresher, this is a new development in Denver’s Arapahoe Square neighborhood which is finally starting to show signs of life.

From the front you can see some of the features of 2020 Lawrence. The brick work is beginning to go up and you can see the unique shape on the upper floors as well. The different shades of bricks add a pleasant touch on Lawrence Street. On the left you can see its older sibling, Solera.


This 231-unit, 10-story apartment building is always exciting to see especially given its location.