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Denver Police Crime Lab #3

Along with the Auraria projects, the last time we took a peek at the Denver Police Crime Lab, we were touring the inside. This project is also coming along great and looking more complete by the week. In case you missed the inside tour take a look at it here.

Most of the orange panels are gone and you can now see what this project is all about. With the jagged edges and blue reflective glass, it looks very futuristic and sports having the title of a crime lab. This is one of the more cutting edge developments Denver hasn’t seen until now as far as design and architecture go.


The back doesn’t look like the front, the east side doesn’t look like the west side which gives this project a very unique look. It breaks up the boring old symmetry that we see in a lot of modern day projects along with catching the eye making you want to see every angle of the building when you are passing by.


This LEED-Silver project is a dedicated crime lab for the Denver Police department which is expected to open next month.

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  1. David says:

    Good God that’s hideous.

  2. django says:

    I think a lot of people will find any building that is “outside the box” hideous. I like it. They at least deserve some credit for trying something a little unusual.

  3. Ryan Nee says:

    Architectural merits aside, this building is painfully cementing the City of Denver’s insane and reckless anti-urbanism of their own public buildings.

    That entire area has no retail / restaurants / housing / etc. — it’s all single-use government buildings fit for exactly one purpose, and used from 7am to 6pm ever day, then completely abandoned at night. I’m afraid that area of the Golden Triangle is becoming permanently anti-human. The city’s planners should be ashamed at the pathetic mess they’ve created in that area with taxpayer dollars.

  4. Larry says:

    I think this is a clumsy mishmash of awkward shapes that are thrown together randomly. Cutting edge, this is not.

  5. UrbanZen says:

    People, its a crime lab located at DPD headquarters. No building on that block is going to contain housing and retail. I agree that the area ia lacking these things, but eventually there will be plenty of both south of 13th, which will ultimately serve the neighborhood better anyways. As far as the building…I like it. It’s unique. It manages to stand out from its neighbors without trying to compete with them too much.

  6. Danny says:

    I think it should be viewed with the rest of the police buildings. It shares that space and makes more sense in that context. The other police buildings are quite brutal and at least this makes some sort of compliment without contrasting too much with them. It fits that place.

  7. Nick M says:

    Again, I like it. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s different. Stands out.

  8. Troy says:

    This is fantastic. Well done.