Since my post in March, this development has shot up and most of the framing along with the new streets are almost complete. The facade of the building is still a mystery but not for much longer.

Notice in the pictures there is the newly paved Denargo Market Street. Talk about making a community from scratch. This is a great start and I’m very excited to see what is going to come in the future.


As you can see there are two buildings that wrap around a parking garage with two courtyards between them as well. From the side facing Brighton Boulevard (right picture), the garage is not visible.


As a bonus I’m happy to share with you some awesome aerial photos from Todd Wenskoski who is in the Community Planning and Development Department with the City and County of Denver.


RiNo is a very up and coming neighborhood just outside Downtown Denver and developments like these immensely help what used to be barren wastelands just outside our city.