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New Capitol Hill Project: 8th & Emerson Apartments

The vacant lot at the southwest corner of Emerson Street and East 8th Avenue in Capitol Hill has long been considered a prime site for multi-family residential development. Over the years, several developers have proposed a project for the property, but none have gotten out of the ground. As an interim use, the parcel has served the neighborhood well as a community garden. Now, a new residential project is finally moving forward. Here’s a GoogleEarth aerial where I’ve noted the site:

Architect and developer Chris Fulenwider recently started construction on the project, a 42-unit apartment building. Rental rates will range from $900 to $1,900/month, with unit sizes ranging from 500 – 800 square feet. The three-story building will feature a below-grade parking deck with one space per unit, accessed from the alley. Here’s the project rendering, courtesy of Mark Throckmorton from Fulenwider. Also, my thanks to Doug Poppe for additional information on the development.

Excavation is currently underway and the project should be complete by next spring/summer.

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  1. Aron says:

    Not bothered by the project, cap hill could always use new and interesting projects (if only to reinvigorate and allow the replacement of some of the junk that got built in the 60’s and 70’s).

    However, a word on the renderings we are “shock and awed” with… I hope that residents are aware that emerson is a narrow street, 8th has a great existing canopy of trees (not sure on this portion of the street), and that we will never get to see this building the way its shown. Personal pet peeve — if its important enough to show the building within its neighborhood context, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t show it to us as it will really look…

  2. Dan says:

    Speaking of the 8th St area, it looks like there is something going on right down the street at the corner of 8th and Logan, I believe. Right across the street from the Gov’s mansion. Any news on this?