Prospect On Central Final Update

As one project in Lower Highlands finishes, multiple more come up on the development charts. This is very good news for this up-and-coming neighborhood. Prospect on Central is now available to rent and residents have begun to move in. As always with these final updates, you can follow the progress below and I will share with you some completed pictures.

Highlands Projects Update

Highlands Projects Update #2

Looking at the front of this development, it is very broken up with the colors and facade. This makes it a lot more interesting especially for the common 5-story apartment building.


It appears there is the first ground floor retail tenant which is a Metropolis Coffee. One thing that really caught my eye was all the patio space on the street for future retail tenants. This will make Central a very active street with Amato’s next door and the retail in the Highland Bridge Lofts as well.


For a little bonus photo, I was passing behind Prospect and noticed the alley between the two buildings. This is one of the most attractive alleys I have ever seen.

So many projects are springing up in this neighborhood. Stay tuned for more coverage as well as some more final updates of some that have finished around here!

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  1. B Simbric July 9, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    Parking is going to be brutal once all these apartments are no longer vacant. BTS

  2. Kari K July 10, 2012 at 9:10 am

    Almost all the apartment units are occupied and were filled in April. Central Bistro is the restaurant going in the retail space next to the coffee shop.

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