Back in March Derek did a post on the new development named RiNo Center. This is located on 32nd and Brighton Blvd. The Transit-Oriented development is the beginning of the future for this area. It will be just a short walk to a future commuter rail stop with a market right next door as well.

This development is beginning to take shape and a lot of the framing is done like the Denargo Market Apartments just down the road. There’s a lot of new building smells in this area and is a great sign of progress for what used to be an undesirable part of our outer downtown.


This is going to be a 4-story development that will provide 205 units and a large 15,000 square foot courtyard. This is only the beginning of this neighborhood starting to fill up with residences and amenities. It will be very interesting to see this area a couple years from now.