More updates from the East side of town today! On my last post I mentioned we have a little crane forest in Uptown and there is a lot going on at this site. After doing some digging around I found the site plans for this entire project as well as the development presentations. Go ahead and head here for the official documents that were submitted to the city, and here for the community presentation slides.

To make things a little easier I extracted the site image from the development plan that was submitted to the city. As always click to embiggen.

This is a huge project and is a little tricky to follow. First off we will be looking at the main hospital site which is going to provide 900 new parking spaces as well as a brand new hospital. This is where the two tall red tower cranes are between 19th and 20th Avenues and Downing Street.



The next little area is identified as parking and mixed use which is just across the street.


The last little bit of construction going on doesn’t have to do with the Saint Joseph’s hospital but is for the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. They are adding on two floors which will provide them with a new neonatal intensive care unit with around 90 beds as well as expanding the pediatric intensive care unit from 10 to 20 beds. Thanks to DenverInfill reader Steve for the information!


This is a very busy project and a very busy site but needless to say it is great seeing all types of development going on around Downtown Denver!