Since my last update in April, the Community College of Denver’s Student Learning and Engagement Building has made quick and significant progress. In the past months, the structure has topped out and the brick facade has been crawling up the building at a rapid pace.

This building blends in very well with the typical Auraria architecture and building heights. The only difference are the ‘green’ aspects being used in this building; chilled beams, radiant floors, and a green roof.


This building has quite the presence in the sea of parking it is seated in. An important project for filling in a gap helping recreate an urban feel at Auraria. When riding on the light rail towards campus, the Learning and Engagement Building almost creates a street wall along Colfax making the Auraria campus feel more filled and closed in.

Here is a mock-up of what the exterior is going to look like. It’s very similar to the other buildings on campus which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Student Learning and Engagement Building is expected to be complete by the summer session of 2013. It’s always nice to see another parking lot filled around the Auraria campus.