Hotel & Hospitality Center Final Update

Today we will be covering yet another completed project over at the Auraria Campus. The Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center by Metropolitan State University is complete and open for students and visitors. Here at DenverInfill, we have covered this project very actively and even got an inside look when it was under construction. Click on the links below to follow this development start to finish!

Auraria Update: Hotel Learning Center

Auraria Update: Hotel & Hospitality Learning Center

Auraria Projects Update

Auraria Projects Update #2

Inside the Infill: Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center

Auraria Projects Update #3

Here is an overall look of the development from the backside. For being located in Auraria, the scale of this project is larger than most of the buildings around it and, just like the Student Success center, it is architecturally unique with setbacks, different colored brick and a more modern glass design.

Now we’re going to take a walk around Auraria Parkway. This building adds a very nice street wall and since it is pushed right up to the property line, the building curves with the road maintaining the wall effect. The landscaping along the sidewalk is very appealing and the building provides a very welcoming feel with the glass walls along the road.



Just like the Student Success center, there are long hallways with glass walls. This provides great natural light and cuts down on lighting costs. Not to mention, it breaks up the facade and looks neat!


Time to walk under the hallway and into the courtyard. Here you can see a lighter color of brick being used along with a different pattern of glass. You will also be able to park or valet your car in one of the 75 structured parking spaces. The parking system is very easy with a quick in and out system. There is also a common patio area for students and guests to meet outside and enjoy our Colorado air.


This LEED-Certified project includes 150 guest rooms as well as classroom space for students perusing a hospitality major at Metropolitan State University. This development is a great start for completing the Auraria master plan and a great new building for the university. This is the first hotel at Auraria and its great for students coming out of state to stay right on the downtown campus.

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