New Project: Greenbox

With the current development boom we are in, there are residents moving in and around Downtown Denver at a rapid pace. Apartment unit sizes are shrinking in these new developments and one question comes up for new residents: Where am I going to store my things? Many downtown residents have skis, snowboards, seasonal clothing and various large objects that typically wouldn’t fit comfortably in an apartment. Downtown storage for the past couple decades has been pretty sparse and the current storage facilities reside in old warehouses waiting to be redeveloped. Located at 3310 Brighton Boulevard, Greenbox is changing this. Built from the ground up, this LEED-Certified storage facility is aesthetically pleasing and brings a nice face to Brighton Boulevard.

I met with Josh Fine of Focus Property Group for an inside look of Greenbox’s progress and learned some great information about this development. The street front will set this apart from the standard facilities we all know. There are three flex units facing Brighton Boulevard that can be used for a small office or even retail space. Josh explained how these were going to be just as easy to rent as a storage unit along with amenities such as heating, cooling and WiFi. You would be able to use this space the same day you filled out the rental application. This is great for a start-up business, gallery, or first time retail store owner.


Greenbox will feature 690 storage units, 51 of which will have drive up access. The average unit size will be around 66 square feet ranging from a 5×5 cubby to a 15×20 drive up unit. The cubby units will also come with shelves so you can utilize your space more efficiently.


I personally have never seen a storage facility under construction. It’s a very simple construction process and doesn’t require heavy steel or concrete framing. Construction is up to the third floor and has a great view of the city before it is closed in.


It’s nice to see specialized projects like this being developed around our urban core. This allows residents to fully utilize their immediate surroundings versus driving all the way out to a suburb for these services. There are future phases of Greenbox as well which we will cover here on DenverInfill. Thank you Josh for the excellent tour!

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  1. Rob C September 24, 2012 at 9:33 am

    This development is pretty cool especially since it took up a dirt lot. Aren’t they going to convert an old warehouse on Delgany just before it turns into Denargo St?

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