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Inside the Infill: DaVita World Headquarters Part 2

Today I am happy to share the long awaited second part of our DaVita World Headquarters tour. We will be taking a look at the upper floors of the tower which offer some great amenities to the DaVita Teammates.

On every floor there is a bridge that looks just like this one. This symbolizes crossing over into the DaVita community, and is used in many of the DaVita ceremonies. The offices on the top floor are also very welcoming using more earth-toned materials and large windows.


The meeting spaces in this building are well thought out. You can meet in a gondola, or enjoy the Colorado sun on the outdoor deck. There is a lot of open space throughout the tower where teammates can relax, meet, and do work in a unique location every day of the week.


Also on the top floor is a full cafeteria and common area for teammates to eat, meet and work. The space up here will also be used for meetings, presentations and DaVita conferences. The whole room is wrapped in glass so you can always enjoy a great view.


Coming up in part three, we will be exploring some of the great views seen from the tower!

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  1. Dan says:

    These DaVitans seem to have some, um…interesting(?) ideas.