Over at the newly completed 2020 Lawrence, there’s a new lighting element on this huge half block 10-story apartment building. Lighting on buildings is a key element to any major city and makes the city itself more visually appealing. Let’s take a look.

As of right now the colors cycle between blue, orange, pink, and purple. I’m curious to see if in the future they will change the colors occasionally, like the Four Seasons spire, versus having them cycle every few seconds. Here is the entrance to the building.


And here is the 2020 Lawrence looking towards 20th Street from 21st Street.


This is very opposite to the traditional white lighting over at the newly complete Ralph Carr Judicial Center but location is key for certain types of lighting. Arapahoe Square/Ballpark is more of a hip, up and coming neighborhood where Civic Center is very traditional. What do you think of the new lighting?