Today we are heading over to Uptown to take a look at One City Block. This is making quite the progress and you can start to see the impact it is going to have in this area.

On the 19th Avenue side, the first story has been built out. This is here part of the ground floor retail is going to go along with all the offices and amenities for the apartment buildings.

Along with the first floor structure, wood framing has also begun to rise on the upper floors. Even though One City Block looks like one giant building, this will actually be split up into four buildings ranging from 4-5 stories.

The concrete structure hasn’t been built out to the 18th Avenue side but is quickly making its way over. It’s very exciting to see a site this large taking over what used to be an empty asphalt lot.

The 300-unit LEED-Silver project is expected to be completed by late 2013 which means we will see this go vertical very quick. One City Block is a great win for this neighborhood and is in a prime location in proximity to downtown.