Happy New Year DenverInfill readers! We’re going to start off the year with a very exciting update on a very exciting project. If you’ve been around 16th and Market lately you might be asking yourself, where did the Office Depot go? Well, it’s finally gone to make way for something much better!

One of the ugliest buildings in Downtown Denver is now a pile of rubble leaving a huge gap and a very interesting sight when you’re heading down either 16th Street Mall or Market Street. (Click the thumbnails to embiggen)

Seeing this pile of rubble brings me great joy and I’m very excited for what’s going in its place; a tastefully designed 10-story building, with office space, apartment units, and most importantly for being along the mall, ground floor retail. Head over to Ken’s post for the final renderings of 16M.

16M is going in at a very vital intersection. There’s huge potential for development across the street, which is currently a parking lot, and as soon as Union Station opens Market Street Station will close and become a prime spot for redevelopment. 16M should be complete by 2014.