Kitty-corner from 2020 Lawrence, demolition is underway for the Legacy 22nd project. As a refresher, Legacy 22nd is a 6-story, 212-unit, half block apartment building. For some renderings head on over to Ken’s post here.

Now for a look at the site and what’s being demolished. I’m a little sad to see this building go and always wondered if its incorporation in the new development was impossible. But, on the flip side, this is taking another step in revitalizing this area of our city center and moving more people downtown. Quixotes True Blue occupied this building originally and had some funky art at street level which was always an intriguing sight when walking by. They are now relocating to 13th and Grant in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.



For a little nostalgia, here is what the Quixotes True Blue building looked like with all of its art. These are a little higher resolution so make sure you click to enlarge!


Here’s a fun little shot that shows how much density and street presence just two buildings add to a particular street. This is 2020 Lawrence and its slightly older neighbor Solera dominating this end of Lawrence Street. Legacy 22nd will soon add to this emerging street wall.

Infill is still kicking off in 2013 and at this rate, we are going to have one exciting year in Downtown Denver!