Today we are going to be covering another key development in the Ballpark neighborhood: Broadstone Blake Street. Located directly across Coors Field, Broadstone Blake Street is filling in a very important gap, and helping restore the urban fabric along Blake Street.

First, a look down inside. It looks like the foundation for the building and underground parking structure has begun. Underground parking structures usually take a bit of time, so it’s going to be a while until we see this break street level, but it looks like it’s off to a great start!


Broadstone Blake Street may not be the largest scale infill development, at 7-stories, but its impact is huge. Imagine the massing from 2101 Market (behind the site) placed over that empty hole. This is also helping tie Coors Field into the Downtown Denver urban fabric. There are only a few more lots to cover before it’s completely surrounded.


It may have taken a few years for this project commence, but it’s finally filling in that crucial gap in the Ballpark neighborhood. Broadstone Blake Street is expected to be finished by early 2014.