On my last update of the Delgany Apartments, we looked at a top down view of the site. Today we are going down to the street level to see what’s going on in detail.

First off, the tower crane has since been erected bringing the total tower crane count to 4 in the Union Station Neighborhood (Cadence and the two wing buildings sporting the 3 others).

Here we can see a few things. Just like when they dug below the historic Union Station building, they have to brace existing structures to make sure they don’t tip or topple over until the foundation is set. Speaking of foundation, work on that should start very soon. Rebar  is being staged all around the site. It also looks like there will be a smaller crane on site as well (look for the smaller blue base in the second picture).


This is a very exciting time in any project construction because the site preparations are almost done and we will soon be able to see it rise above street level. If this all seems like it’s been progressing painfully slow, remember they had to demolish existing buildings as well. If you don’t remember what the Delgany Apartments are going to look like, head on over to Ken’s post here for a rendering.