Today I’m providing a picture definition of “construction in full swing.” One City Block in the Uptown neighborhood is building at a very brisk pace.

First, let’s take a look at the wood framing on the north side of the development. They appear to be working at a rate of about a floor per week, and the framing for these two buildings should top out very soon.

Now, a look at the south side of the project. Wood framing may not have started yet, but there is a lot of concrete work going on for the sub-floors. We should see framing start to go vertical within a few weeks. From this angle, we can really see that this is some serious construction taking place. It’s not often you see four cranes and a concrete pump being used all at once. Pretty impressive sight!

As this development starts to go vertical, it really makes this whole area of Uptown feel much more urban and walkable. This is by far one of the best developments happening right now in Downtown Denver!