Every time I go and take pictures of this redevelopment, I am more and more impressed with it. Last week, Ken posted a great top down picture of the train canopy structure in his last Union Station update. Today, we will be on the ground looking at a couple of additional angles of the canopy structure as well as checking in on the wing buildings.

First on our list is the South Wing building also known as One Union Station. If you remember from a few months back, Antero Resources leased a good portion of this building which helped get it off the ground. This building has risen above street level and work has begun on the second floor!


On the other side of the historic station, the North Wing building is also making some great progress. It is now two floors up with work starting on the third floor. As a refresher, IMA Financial will be occupying the majority of this wing building and both buildings will top out at five stories.


And now for a couple of additional shots of the completed canopy structure. This is a such an impressive structure and will definitely stand as a Denver landmark. The picture to the left is looking straight through the canopy from the north and on the right is a side view from the west.


Do you want to see all of this in person and know what you’re looking at? Well here’s your chance! Meet Ken at 2:50 PM this Saturday over by the three concrete stacks in the Light Rail Plaza. Here you will get some great information about the Denver Union Station redevelopment and a great walk-around tour. Head on over here for additional details and we will see you Saturday!