Today we are going to be focusing on a new neighborhood development just north of Downtown Denver called Midtown. This isn’t going to be a typical infill post as it’s not downtown but it is worth taking a look at! Right around West 68th Avenue and Pecos Street there is a residential neighborhood being built from scratch. In the past, nothing has occupied the 184 acres of land except for a manufacturing and component testing facility. Since the facility’s shutdown in 2004, a ground water and environmental clean up started on the land and in 2007, the land was purchased with the vision of Midtown in mind. So how is this infill? Well, the land surrounding Midtown is already developed and this isn’t sprawling outside of what has already been established in the Denver metro area.

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Tom Morton of Brookfield Residential and Perry Cadman of Brookfield Homes for an overview of this master planned development. I was able to peek inside some of the model homes and was also able to see their vision for Midtown.

Let’s start out with a couple of maps. On the left you will see how the land is going to be organized with the uses of each plot. On the right is an aerial view of the entire development, thanks to Norris Design. Also, as soon as the Gold Line commuter rail is complete, residences will be just up the street from the Pecos station.


Included in this development is a community center which will have the capacity to hold events, retail and a public garden. Some of the public garden land will be available to use in the future for mixed use development.

Phase 1 of this project is going to be mostly single family detached homes. On the maps above, you can see how many homes will occupy each block. This results in more land-efficient, alley-loaded, compact homes. The square footage for each house ranges from 1,797 to 2,228. Here is one example of many models that will be offered.

Interiors have both modern and contemporary finishes. Each home is envisioned with a sense of efficiency when it comes to lighting, energy, and space. This means there are many more windows, which are very energy efficient, customizable closets, kitchen and shelf spaces, an option for a finished basement, as well as a sealed house that doesn’t run up your heating and cooling costs. Let’s look at some interiors.



Prices will start from the high $200s and they have begun building the community. If you are seeking additional information, feel free to check out their website here.