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Ballpark: The Douglas Update #5

Don’t be confused by the name! This project has been going on for a while. Formally known as 2300 Walnut, The Douglas has started to take off making a great presence in the Ballpark neighborhood.

Timber framing has started to wrap around the parking structure covering most of it up except for the entrance and exit. The Walnut Street side has topped out at five stories. Remember, The Douglas is taking up an entire city block that has suffered as a parking lot for so many years; this going to have a huge impact in this part of the Ballpark neighborhood.


Looking down Walnut Street from 24th, The Douglas continues the street wall Premier Lofts started. Even though Walnut is a pretty wide street, this stretch still feels very urban and closed in.

They will be using brick on the facade which will look sharp while blending into the surrounding buildings.

The Douglas is set for completion later this summer. For leasing information head on over to their website.

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  1. Andy P. says:

    Hey Ryan, love your update posts. One request though: how about linking back to the original post with renderings whenever you do an update? It’d be nice to see both where the project is and where it’s headed.