For today’s AMLI Riverfront Park update, I had the opportunity to go inside the construction fence to take a look at the progress being made. Thanks to Andy Mutz of AMLI Residential for giving me a tour and a rundown of what’s currently happening at this project site.

First we’ll take a look at what is going to be the courtyard. There will be a paved portion along the edge of the property where cars will be able to get in and out of the parking garage. This will be a single entrance / exit garage. The courtyard will be pretty standard from what we’ve been seeing with these new developments: a common meeting place with a swimming pool wrapped around with residential units.


If you haven’t noticed or been by the site lately, the wood framing has also started to go up. Many sections are at different stages but along the parking structure facing 20th Street they are working on the 3rd floor. When this tops out, it will cover the parking structure along 20th Street.


There are two areas where steel has been needed. This is for two story open indoor spaces where wood framing cannot be used for structural support. The future clubhouse, pictured on the left, is an open 2-story space where residents will be able to meet and host private events. On the right is a 2-story leasing office which will have a very good street presence along Little Raven.


Lately I’ve been getting some pretty good vantage points on all the development going on. So, for this post’s high-resolution bonus photo, here is the whole Denver Union Station redevelopment taken from the top of the parking structure. Neat!

AMLI Riverfront Park is expected to open this Fall and will be providing the neighborhood with 242 rental units.