Denver Union Station Update #117

Continuing on with our series of Union Station update posts… let’s take a look at progress on the “south wing building” or what’s now known as 1701 16th Street.

Like its cousin down the street, 1701 16th Street is a five-story office building with ground-floor retail/restaurant spaces. Antero Resources will occupy most of the office space. Courtesy of Union Station Neighborhood Company, here’s a project rendering:

Even though construction started on the south wing building a few month after work had begun on the north wing building, the south wing building has mostly caught up and recently topped off:

Here are a few more construction photos. First, here’s 1701 16th Street from Wewatta Street. This shot will only be possible for a few more months as the 21-story 1650 Wewatta tower (under construction in the foreground) and the future remaining “A” block buildings along 16th Street will eventually block this view.

Here’s the view from near 16th and Wynkoop—almost the exact same perspective as in the artist’s rendering above—minus the blurry people:

Let’s conclude with another double-sized overview shot showing 1701 16th Street and its neighbor, the EPA Building:

Next, we’ll take a quick look at the historic station and Wynkoop Plaza.

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  1. Richard June 7, 2013 at 11:13 am

    Both buildings show lots of outdoor seating along Wynkoop, where the setback is considerably larger than most downtown buildings. What is driving that setback, the outdoor seating and what looks like two rows of trees? If all of those spaces are full of restaurants and a few stores, along with the outdoor areas outside the Union Station eateries, that will be a busy and vibrant stretch.

    • Ken Schroeppel June 7, 2013 at 11:48 am

      Hi Richard. I just posted in Update #118 an answer to your question. The two wing buildings were intentionally set back to allow Wynkoop Plaza to extend to the corners of 16th and 18th Street. Indeed, it will be a very busy and vibrant place!

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