Today we are going to head over to the River North neighborhood and take a look at the newly completed ‘Yards at Denargo Market’ project. Formally known as the ‘Denargo Market Apartments’, this 301-unit apartment project has been complete for quite some time now so it’s time to take one final look at it here on DenverInfill. We only had three updates for this project but you can follow the progress here:

Denargo Market Apartments Update

Denargo Market Apartments Update – Addendum

Denargo Market Apartments Update #2

Welcome to the Denargo Market! What used to be an open-air market in the 1940s and then a  fenced-off industrial area, the Denargo Market is now a new River North district with hopes of redevelopment. Whether you are on Brighton Boulevard or Delgany Street, you can clearly tell where the Denargo Market sits with signs all around its border.


When travelling north along Brighton Boulevard, it’s pretty hard to miss this apartment building, especially at night. Along with the street signs, there is a ‘Denargo Market’ neon sign fixed on top of the apartments that glows red.


Here are some additional views of the building. In addition to the ‘Denargo Market’ sign, the ‘Yards’ sign also lights up at night. The facade is pretty standard fare compared to other low-rise buildings in this area: broken up with some brick mixed in and a somewhat jagged roof-line.


I have heard concerns about the exposed parking garage and many agree that it should be covered. There is hope though! You can clearly see there is a huge field behind the garage portion of the building which will be developed one day thus hiding the garage from sight.


The Yards at the Denargo Market is a great first step in the Denargo Market redevelopment program. With its proximity to Denver Union Station and the soon-to-be 38th and Blake commuter rail station, we should see more development and density added to the River North neighborhood over the next few years.