Within the past couple months there have been some changes and milestones that have been accomplished over at the Exempla/Saint Joseph Hospital Heritage Project. If you don’t remember what this project is, its a huge 831,327 square foot project which will feature 348 patient beds, a roof top helipad, central courtyard, and a roof top garden. It will also include a free standing utility plant, as well as two parking structures.

Let’s start off with the main structure. It is now topped off and you can truly see how massive this building is! In front, on the Downing Street side, is the parking structure which is still under-construction.

We are also finally able to see what the facade is going to look like: glass on the first floor with brick on the rest of the building. The brickwork is very neutral and blends in nicely with the surrounding historic buildings.


Utility plants are not very aesthetically pleasing buildings but are sometimes required. The utility plant in this development has been treated with a nice facade and looks no worse than say, a parking structure.


Speaking of parking structures, the parking structure / mixed use building, situated on 18th Avenue and Downing, is complete. There didn’t seem to be anything occupying the ground floor pad yet but I’m sure we will see something in that space very soon.


This $623,000,000 project is expected to be complete December 2014, so there is still over a year left of construction!