One City Block Update #8

It’s time for part two of our huge One City Block update! A couple of days ago we went on the inside and saw all of the great progress that has been made! Today, we are going to take a tour around the outside of One City Block and look at each of the four buildings.

The first building we will look at is The Congress. Each building will have a label and an arrow pointing toward the entrance.

The exterior of The Congress has been done for quite some time and we even had a good look at it on our last exterior update. However there is one huge difference which completes the picture: No construction fence! The sidewalks are open and this building is now fully part of Uptown’s urban fabric! The Congress is comprised mostly of brown brick and instead of a 90 degree angle around the 19th and Pennsylvania corner, the building has a great curve which also creates some very neat units on the inside, check out our last update for pictures of those units!


Next up is The Benedict. Once again, there is a sign and an arrow giving you the direction of the entrance.

The Benedict features red brick and peaked roofs which is completely different than its neighbor, The Congress. Both The Congress and The Benedict will feature ground floor retail along 19th Avenue further extending the retail corridor already provided by Uptown Square. It’s amazing how prominent these buildings are now that the fences are down!



Going up Logan towards 18th Avenue you will find The Commons. This is the most relaxed building as far as architecture goes. The Commons features patterned beige and brown brick with setbacks all along the building.



The crane that has been standing in front of The Commons for many months has been packed up ready to be hauled away. Everything is coming closer to completion!

Last but not least there is the building that has the most unique brickwork, The Washington. This building has taken the longest for the facade to go up and we can clearly see why! One of the three round towers in The Washington is complete and it looks nothing short of amazing! Workers were also power-washing a complete section of the building. What a difference this makes! Because both The Commons and The Washington are on a hill, they only rise 4-stories to match the elevation of The Congress and The Benedict.



There are only two garage entrances in the entire development and they’re hardly noticeable. Access to the garage is on either Logan or Pennsylvania and it goes right through both The Congress and the Benedict.


Walking along the completed portion of One City Block is a great feeling and just these two buildings alone contribute so much more to the street level in Uptown versus what stood here before, a huge parking lot!


One City Block is opening in two phases. The Congress and The Benedict are already leasing and residents should be moving in very soon. The Commons and The Washington are not as far along and should be open around late January which will be when this project as a whole is complete.

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  1. Rob September 21, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    You should take a peek at Lightbox… it would greatly improve the image viewing experience on the site, especially with posts containing this many photos.

  2. TakeFive September 22, 2013 at 4:03 am

    I became so enchanted by embiggening that I had to take a break.

    First time thru I’m taking in the big picture. Second time, I take a closer look at the very first picture. What the heck… a yellow “i”? Click, light goes on, yeah that works.

    Ryan, the time and effort needed to do this is sooo appreciated.

  3. Freddie September 22, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    Awesome. With every update I love of this project more. That brickwork is gorgeous.

  4. Julio September 24, 2013 at 2:54 pm


    According to the web site, rents are from $1150 to $2325 a month for what’s currently available (looks like a couple of the most expensive apartments have already been grabbed).

    I guess they have to get a return on their investment, but that seems a bit expensive for me. I mean, you could afford to own a home or condo easily if you are able to afford $2000+ a month in rent.

    At least it’s better than Belmar where for nearly the same price you get to live in…Belmar! Not that I have anything super against Belmar, but Uptown is a much better community in pretty much every way (at least in my humble opinion).

    So we’re supposed to be getting like 50,000 apartment units in the next few years in the Denver area. Any chance some will be affordable or will these super expensive ones at least make the 10-15 year old buildings reconsider their rents?

  5. Andrew October 1, 2013 at 8:06 am

    This project is gorgeous! Not sure it has been mentioned in these updates, but the architect is Denver-based, Davis Partnership Architects.

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