It’s been a little while since we’ve taken a look at the Balfour project over in the Central Platte Valley. Since our last update in May, we are now able to see some things start to take shape. Let’s take a look!

First, let’s start out with my favorite view of the project. Given the size of the site and this project, I am quite surprised there is no crane on site but even without a crane, it looks like this project is moving forward quickly. On the east side of the project, concrete columns have been poured for the underground parking garage. On the west side, both the elevator cores and timber structure have started to rise.

Here is a closer look at the west side of the project. This building will have great street presence along both Little Raven and 15th Street and with ‘The Station at Riverfront Park’ across the street, there will be a great street wall along 15th Street heading into Downtown Denver.


Here is the answer to one of the logistical questions we had about this project: How are cars going to travel under the building to use Bassett Circle and what will the structure look like? Here you go! There will be a two story concrete structure with concrete supports separating the lanes of Bassett Circle.

This project will fill in a lonely gap in the Central Platte Valley. Here are a couple additional shots from further out just to give you an idea how this building will fit. The elevator cores are essentially topped out so the building itself will rise roughly as high as the cores.


The 204-unit building will have a combination of both 5-story and 3-story buildings with completion around the summer of next year. If you need a refresher on this project including renderings, head on over to our announcement post.