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Denver Union Station Update #123

Earlier this month, on DenverUrbanism, we reported that the lighting on the new Commuter Rail train hall canopy was being tested. We weren’t entirely sure if the lighting would be on every night or if we had to wait until the Union Station project was complete. The answer is, the train hall appears to be lit up every night.

I recently took a little photo adventure and decided to take some photos of the canopy. Needless to say, it is very impressive at night and it looks outstanding.


We already know a bunch of infill is going to be built around the the canopy. This will give the train station a great urban feel while still being a very impressive station in between all of the new buildings. Here are some additional shots with The Platform tower rising just to the west of the canopy.


To think, it was just over a year ago we saw the first structural elements of the canopy go up. A lot has happened since then! In case you missed it, make sure you head over to DenverUrbanism for a great in depth tour from inside the canopy!

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  1. timothy says:

    Looks fantastic! This is how public money should be invested. This is something we will have for generations. We are setting the example for the rest of the USA to follow. Well done, Denver!

  2. William Spriggs says:

    When the World arrives at The Great Train Hall, they will know that they have arrived at a city that understands the future. Beautiful.

  3. Bruce says:

    Anyone know when the first Amtrak train will pull in and out of the new station?

    It would be cool to start or end a spring 2014 Glenwood train excursion at the new Union Station.

    Thanks – Bruce

  4. Mark B. says:

    Ryan, these photos are amazing! Thank you!

  5. Jim Nash says:

    Hey, the old neon makes the whole scene magic. UNION STATION TRAVEL by TRAIN is a jewel.

  6. Matt Wright says:


    I’d like to subscribe. How can I do that!?


  7. Joey says:

    What a gorgeous setting. Thanks for the photos and your updates, Ryan!

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