Way back in 2011, in a general Highland project update, we covered the first phase of a townhouse development; Tejon 34. At the time we updated this project, the first phase was just wrapping up and later we found out that this project has mulitple phases providing a total of 28 for-sale units to the Lower Highland neighborhood.

Phase two of this project is now complete and sits right behind phase one, creating an alley between them. The alley’s primary function is a driveway for residents to access their garages. Just to the east of the second phase, there is a central couryard which will end up being completely closed in with units on both sides.


Here is a look down the alley. On the left you can see phase one, on the right phase two. The third phase is under-construction just to the north and is currently wrapped in scaffolding.


Here are some additional shots of the third phase along Tejon Street. This phase is right next to the first phase of Tejon 34 which sits on 34th Avenue and Tejon Street.


There is only one more phase of this project that needs to be built for a complete buildout of this project. There is already a construction fence around the site so hopefully we will see this start very soon!