Back in August 2012, we looked at a mixed-use office project, in the TAXI development, called DRIVE. After about a year since DRIVE has been completed, and fully leased, Zeppelin Development has broken ground on a new office project right next door to DRIVE. The new mixed-use office building, DRIVE 2, will be very similar to its neighbor; providing new-generation work spaces for both small entrepreneurial businesses and mid to large size companies.

Here is a map with the project site outlined. The building directly north of the site is the first DRIVE office building which is situated just behind the original TAXI redevelopment.

In the first picture, you can see the completed and fully leased DRIVE office building. DRIVE 2 will be almost identical to its neighbor in both massing and exterior materials. The new building will feature 50 glass garage doors to provide natural light, a 2,500 square-foot rooftop conference center and a bike shop.


DRIVE 2 broke ground in late October and is quickly making its way out of the ground. The elevator cores have already topped out at 4-stories and the steel structure is not too far behind. Here are some additional pictures of the project.


The 60,000 square-foot office building is expected to be complete by Spring 2014.