Another project has made it out of the ground since our Summer 2013 Hole-in-the-Ground census! Today, we are going to head over to the Prospect neighborhood and take a look at the 2100 Delgany project.

As of right now, the concrete podium has been poured and the first elevator core is nearly topped out. Since this will be a 6-story building, we will most likely see timber framing for the other five floors. 2100 Delgany sits on a very uniquely shaped parcel of land and will only occupy the square portion of the lot, leaving a little triangle dirt lot. Even with the open space directly to the north of this project, 2100 Delgany will have a significant impact along Delgany Street.


Here is a little bonus picture I took as I was walking towards 2100 Delgany. Last weekend was crystal clear, before the snow and cold moved in, giving us a spectacular mountain backdrop! (Click for high-resolution greatness!)

There is still a lot of work to be done given its completion isn’t until late 2014. We will check back again in a couple months to see what progress has been made!