Today we are going to take a final look at the 1756 Clarkson project in the Uptown neighborhood. 1756 Clarkson is now complete and residents have already begun to move in. Since this is a final update, you can follow our coverage on this project from start to finish by clicking the links below.

New Uptown Project: 1756 Clarkson

Uptown: 1756 Clarkson Update #1

Uptown: 1756 Clarkson Update #2

This apartment building rises a total of 5-stories and is comprised of both brick and metal paneling. The entrance to the parking garage is along the alley with apartment units facing Clarkson Street. Even though this project was just completed, there were already multiple residents moving in as I was taking these photos. I’m sure we will see this fill up quick given our current market!


1756 Clarkson fills in the last gap on both sides of Clarkson Street between 17th and 18th Avenue and is unmistakably one of the largest buildings on the block.


1756 Clarkson is providing the Uptown neighborhood with 60 rental units and cost a total of 6.7 million dollars. Average rent for this building starts around $2 per square foot. Welcome to the Uptown Neighborhood, 1756 Clarkson!