It’s been four months since our last update in September 2013, so let’s take a look at the state of Downtown Denver’s residential construction boom.

First, a quick note about our tracking criteria: Projects included in the map and tables below are those that are (a.) new construction multifamily residential—rental or for-sale, (b.) ten units or more, (c.) completed, under construction, or proposed since January 2012, and (d.) located within a 1.5-mile radius of a geographic central point (17th and Arapahoe) in Downtown Denver. Projects outside of the green circle but within the extent of the Google Earth aerial image are not shown. A project was included in the Proposed category if (a.) a development application has been filed with the city, (b.) the specific project location is known, and (c.) the number of units is known.

Now, on with the update!

Here’s our new Downtown Denver Residential Projects map for January 2014. Click on the image to view at maximum size (2400 px) in a new browser window, or right-click here (Save Link As) to download a high-resolution PDF version (about 9 mb).

The accompanying table (PDF version here):

Since September 2013, ten projects (blue highlight) with a total of 1,580 units have finished construction, bringing the number of completed units within a 1.5-mile radius of 17th and Arapahoe since January 2012 to 2,982. Several of these projects, like Cadence, One City Block, 2828 Zuni, The Douglas, and Element 47 are so newly finished that the paint’s barely dry and, in some cases, minor construction is still going on as new tenants are moving in.

Four projects (green highlight) totaling 927 units have started construction since our September update, resulting in a total of 4,406 units currently under construction. AMLI Riverfront Park is almost finished and will be moving to the Completed column within a month or so.

Ten projects (purple highlight) with a total of 1,843 units are new to the Proposed category since September 2013, for a total of 2,952 units currently proposed. Some of these Proposed projects have not been covered—yet— on the DenverInfill Blog due to (a.) a lack of reliable information, (b.) their being in the early stages of development, or (c.) we just haven’t gotten around to it yet! Also, there are about a dozen more projects within the 1.5-mile radius that have recently been submitted to the city for review, but are not in the Proposed category because we are still researching either the exact location or the number of units.

Assuming all of the developments under construction will be completed, then a total of 7,388 new residential units will be added to Downtown Denver from January 2012 through mid-2015, without counting any on the Proposed list. That translates into roughly 11,000 new residents and approximately $1.5 billion of residential investment in Downtown Denver.