Today we are going to head across the street from Cadence and check in over at The Platform project. When we last updated this project, it had just broken the street level and now, things are starting to quickly go vertical.

As we’ve said before, the 21-story building is nestled right up to the commuter rail train hall giving the project a very fitting name, “The Platform”. As of this weekend, the building was close the same height as the commuter rail train canopy but will far exceed the height of both the canopy and Cadence.


It is quite amazing to see the impact even a 6-story building makes on an area. With 15 stories to go, The Platform will be the tallest tower in the Denver Union Station redevelopment field and will have a huge impact!


In our last update on Cadence, I shared this photo from the Millennium Bridge and I realized after posting it, this photo shows three infill projects (Cadence, The Platform, 1601 Wewatta), within a single block, all at three different stages of construction: recently completed, rising superstructure, and ground excavation. It is quite the awesome sight to see! As a bonus, I bumped up the resolution on this photo so make sure you click to embiggen.

Now that the foundation and parking structure has been poured, we should start to see this go up a floor every two weeks or so. The 288-unit, 21-story apartment building should be complete in about a year.